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Investown brings to the Czech Republic a new way to crowdfund real estate projects from 340 000 € to 5 300 000 €. Get over 95,000 investors excited about your vision, select a target amount and you can make your idea a reality immediately - with money in your account from 14 days. Interest from 0.92% per month.

1 100 000 €
1 500 000 €
340 000 €
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11 900 000 Kč

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Piles of paperwork, waiting and a banker who won't answer the phone. That's exactly what you don't expect with us. Forget about lengthy financing with your bank. Investown is the largest real estate investment platform in the Czech Republic and you won't waste your time.
  • We will evaluate the application within 48 hours

    We will send approval and draft terms and conditions within two days.

  • We will send the money to your account from 14 days

    No unnecessary paperwork and online.

  • Loan maturity 6 to 60 months

    Flexible terms for the benefit of your business.

    Pay interest only

    Monthly you repay only interest, the principal only at the end.

How does it work?

Present your vision on the Investown platform and gain access to capital from 340 000 € to 5 300 000 €. Get started today and be up and running in a few weeks.

  • 1
    Fill out the form

    Apply for funding and upload the necessary documents. Within 48 hours we will check if the documents are complete and if your project meets the requirements.

  • 2
    Evaluation of demand

    We will evaluate your enquiry and ask for further details if necessary.

  • 3
    Money quickly in the account

    Ideally, you can have the money in your account from as early as 14 days and start implementing your project.

Types of loans

Cancel real estate and take a loan for almost anything – we now also offer purposeless financing. All online and without lengthy paperwork.
Special-purpose loan for the purchase of real estate

Acquisition of real estate quickly and without extra work. The purchase loan is used to finance residential or commercial projects. You can apply for up to 5 300 000 €.

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Special-purpose loan for reconstruction

You can use this type of loan to reconstruct one or more units at once and save yourself the work of administration and administration of multiple loans at once.

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Bridging or non-purpose loan

Enough capital to start your own project. Build a strong foundation and build a successful business. You can use the money to buy materials – it's up to you.

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Apply for a loan and kick-start your project

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Investown?

Investown makes the profits from investing in the property market available to everyone without the need to have millions in your account. We created the app to allow everyone to create a passive income. Investown is an online platform with real estate investment loans. Simply choose from the available properties and invest online from as little as 18 €.

Who created Investown?

Investown is a Czech project developed by a number of experts from the IT, real estate and banking worlds. One of the main investors and co-owners of the project is Seed Starter Czech Savings Bank.

What happens after I invest?

At the end of the investment, you will receive the entire invested amount back to your Investown wallet, from where you can either withdraw the money to your bank account or reinvest it, thereby increasing your profits.

What are the profits?

Profits on new projects range up to 10% p.a., depending on the investment you choose.

What are the risks?

The main risk you take is that you won't repay the loan. In this case, we will enforce its obligations through the collateral we list for each project. It may be the case that you will not access your finance until the successful completion of the enforcement action, at which point it is in our interest to recover all investor funds.


What can I invest in?

In the old investment model, you invested in properties owned by us and the profit was attributed regardless of whether the project was fully funded. In order to deliver better interest rates, we switched to group financing, which brings other benefits as well. With new partners, the range of products is also expanding. We are now able to offer more diverse deals across the country.

What happens to the property after the end of the investment?

At the end of the investment, you will receive the entire invested amount back to your Investown wallet, from where you can either withdraw the money to your bank account or reinvest it, thereby increasing your profits.

Course of investment

How to invest?

After registration, you can send money to your Investown wallet. The money must be sent from a bank account held in your name and with your variable symbol, which you get after creating your Investown account. After crediting the money to the account, all you need to do is choose an investment property and decide how much you want to invest. That's it! The investment is added to your portfolio and you can start earning.

Can I sell my investment?

You can offer your investment for sale to more than 95,500 users on the Marketplace.

How can I withdraw my money?

Just go to "My account" and follow the withdrawal instructions. The money will be back in your bank account within 3 days of placing the transaction.

What is the minimum investment?

The smallest amount that can be invested is €18 and the highest amount is €2 million.

When and where do my profits go?

The money is automatically sent to your Investown wallet every month. From there, you can either withdraw them to your bank account or reinvest them to expand your portfolio.

Investown premium

What is Investown Premium and how to get it?

Investown Premium is an extension that automatically activates for you after you invest in at least 10 different properties. Exclusive properties will become available to you with a bonus at the end of the investment round, thanks to which you will increase your yield.

What are the benefits of Investown Premium?

Investown Premium users have access to exclusive investment opportunities not available to other investors. These properties typically offer higher yields and premium locations. They provide a great way to diversify your portfolio and increase your returns.

What fees are associated with Investown Premium?

Investown Premium is activated automatically and completely free of charge after investing in 10 properties. As with other properties, the early exit fee is just 0.9%. There are no additional fees associated with Investown Premium.


Can foreigners also invest?

Yes, if they are EU residents. They must have a bank account with a Czech bank and kept in Czech crowns.

Do profits need to be taxed?

Income from participations is taxable like any other income. Each year we will prepare and provide you with a summary of your expenses and income for Investown. Consult your financial advisor about your tax return. does not provide financial advice.

Do you need an answer to something else? Check out all the FAQ's or drop us a line.
"Small and medium-sized companies often have a problem with banks that do not want to provide loans for such a short period of time, do not allow loans without repaying the principal, and the whole process often takes so long that the lucrative offer is gone before financing takes place."
Alan Pock Vyšín
CEO and co-founder

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We are a popular private lender for investors in real estate and other small and medium-sized development projects. Receive funds to your account from as little as 14 days and build a successful real estate business.