Historical results

See how investments in real estate-backed loans have performed on Investown. We've prepared a summary of historical returns and comparisons to other assets.

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High returns on property-backed loans

The returns continue to rise. Now, you can choose from projects with an appreciation of up to 10% p.a.

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Q1 2023
10.1 %
Q4 2022
9.37 %
Q3 2022
8.78 %
Q2 2022
5.83 %
Q1 2022
4.88 %
Q4 2021
4.47 %
Q3 2021
4.31 %
Q2 2021
4.19 %
Q1 2021
4.42 %
Most profitable quarter: 10.1 %

Steady growth with monthly profits

Since the day one, the returns for our investors has been steadily increasing, despite the challenging economic climate.

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Silné výsledky pro naše investory i přes pokles trhů

Naše miliardové portfolio překonává aktiva jako zlato, dluhopisy nebo veřejně obchodovatelné akcie. I v současné ekonomické situaci je Investown stabilní a odolnou volbou pro vaše finance.

How we did in Q4 2023
(all clients - crowdfunding)
+10.1 %
+7.5 %
Savings accounts
(Average interest rate)
+4 %
6 %
-12,8 %
S&P 500
-49 %
-2,2 %

Choose from secured property deals

Take a look at the unique investment opportunities. All published projects have undergone careful risk analysis and vetting by our experienced team of specialists.

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Novinky pro investory

How to invest during high inflation?

The current inflation and the looming economic recession are adversely affecting the attractiveness and performance of the assets in which investors invest their funds.

Learn how to secure opportunities at Investown

The safety of our investors and minimising the risks of investing are our top priority. In order to protect our investors' money, we provide bank-level investment security. All while maintaining above-average returns.

Frequently Asked Questions by Investors

News in Investown raises more and more questions, that's why we decided to write down the most frequent ones so that you don't miss anything and you always have an overview.

Investown investment platform gains a head start, standard profits climb above 8%

Investown is changing for the better from July, providing investors with a choice from a larger range of marketable properties, including commercial ones, and standard profits from 8%.

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