Frequently Asked Questions by Investors

What is is a Czech online investment platform operating on the bulk financing model. Thanks to Investown, everyone can easily invest in real estate in the Czech Republic and soon abroad, starting from CZK 500. In the case of Investown, mass financing thus makes the implementation of real estate projects and reconstructions available to companies and people who would not achieve their interesting vision in the traditional way of financing.

Revenues for our investors range from 8.5% p.a. and by investing in projects on the platform, you participate in the development of construction in the Czech Republic.

Why do I have to go through verification, take pictures of documents and answer questions?

We need to verify your identity based on legal regulations. All information is used only to protect our investors and prevent money laundering. Documents are stored securely and are no longer used for tasks other than verifying your identity. We are required by legislation to include in the question check, when we have to verify your financial literacy.

What does it mean that you are not a sophisticated investor?

We classify all investors as "unsophisticated". It does not depend on the result of the completed questionnaire and you are also not limited in any way in investing on our platform. In order to be sophisticated, an investor must explicitly request it and sign that he wants to be a sophisticated investor. For the investor, however, this means that he gives up, for example, the cooling-off period. For these reasons, they are all considered from the outset to be unsophisticated investors.

Why can no longer invest in participation projects?

After the July update, all opportunities financed appeared. The reason for this was a change of focus for new investment opportunities, when it is no longer about participation in rental apartments.

When will new investment opportunities emerge?

We are constantly preparing investment opportunities for you. To eliminate risks, opportunities must go through several phases of risk assessment and asset analysis. The moment everything is approved, we do not hesitate and put the opportunity on the platform. At the moment when we have everything confirmed that the next opportunity will come, we inform investors in advance in the Facebook group Investors on

Buyout of investments in participation × mass investment

In the case of participations , it was customary for us to buy all the offered investment buybacks and then offer them to other investors. For older opportunities, this buyout model persists for the time being, but the opportunities are closed and there is no longer an opportunity to invest. The guaranteed redemption is always at the end of the investment period. The buyout in the event of early withdrawal from the investment is not guaranteed, however, in the history of our platform it has not happened that it has not been realized. At a time when multiple investors are selling their investments at the same time, it is necessary to buy investments systematized on the basis of the current cash flow, for this reason, the period of redemption of the investment may be prolonged.

With the mass investment model , we have created a Marketplace for the buy-out of investments, where you can offer the investment directly to another 50,000 investors.

In both cases, early withdrawal from the investment is charged 0.9% of the amount offered.

What do each opportunity status mean?

Once a new project is put on the platform, it is possible to invest in it until it is fully invested. At that moment, you will see the status Open for Investment. As soon as the project is invested, administrative matters arise between Investown and the loan applicant. During this period, it will be in the status of Investment Processing. These matters last for several days. Once everything is fulfilled, the status of the project on the platform is marked as Payout profits, and from now on, after 30 days, the first profits are credited to the investors, and then every month on the same day.

How do opportunity profits go now?

Profits are credited monthly to your Investown wallet, always on the day the project was launched. You can recognize the start of the project by the fact that in the detail of the investment opportunity in the status field will be indicated Payment of profits. In the description, you will find the day when the investment opportunity became active.

Profits from the original participatory investments go on the last working day of the calendar month.

How to tax profits from Investown?

Like all other income, profits from investments need to be taxed. Each year, we provide you with a summary of your expenses and income on our platform for tax purposes.

In general, it can be stated that the taxation of profits from participation in older investment opportunities falls under Section 10 of Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes, as amended (hereinafter referred to as ITA).

Profits from opportunities for mass investment are then taxed on the basis of § 8 para. 1 point. g) ITA

However, consult your tax advisor about your tax return. The platform does not provide tax advice

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