About us

We believe that real estate profits should be accessible to everyone without the need to have millions in the bank. We make investing simple, fun and worry-free.

Investors and partners

Česká spořitelna is the most significant Czech bank. Investown is the first investment of its Seed Starter fund.

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Lighthouse Ventures supports the most innovative projects with the potential of becoming a global company.

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ChytrĂ˝ Honza is the largest domestic portal for comparing financial products, banks and insurance companies.

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The Investown team

Co-founder & CEO
Alan Pock Vyšín

Alan has extensive experience in business and building partnerships of financial and technology companies both in the Czech Republic and in the USA. He takes care of customer satisfaction, growth, and our community.

Co-founder & COO
VĂ­t Strnad

For the past 8 years, Vitek has managed projects in companies like IBM and AT&T. He's in charge of our development teams. He focuses on making our app a simple, secure, clear, and pleasant environment for our users.

Co-founder & CTO
Filip Suk

Filip is an expert in financial technologies who has won 2 prestigious FinTech competitions. Thanks to his experience, Investown is built on next-generation technologies with maximum security.

Co-founder & Vývoj / UI
Dominik Vávra

Dominik has many years of experience in building financial web applications that currently have a turnover of billions of CZK. His ambition is to build the Investown app to make investing in real estate accessible to everyone.

Co-founder & CMO
Peter Maslik

Peter has many years of experience in building fintech companies from the Czech Republic, London and Copenhagen. At Investown, he leads the marketing team and takes care of spreading awareness of our great platform.

Co-founder & CDO
Michal Leština

Michal has more than 10 years of experience in sales and in building relationships with major players both in the Czech Republic and in Europe. At Investown, he is in charge of finding safe investment opportunities for our investors.

MobilnĂ­ aplikace
Tomáš Kazatel

Tomas was the head of the development team in Seznam.cz. He specializes in the development of mobile applications. His team's goal is to create an Investown app for iOS and Android that will be available to all our investors for free.

Fullstack vývoj
VĂ­t Herain

Vit has been building Zonky as a team leader for the last few years. With his experience in financial technologies, he wants to contribute to the development of a secure application that will be connected to real estate throughout the Czech Republic.

Sales director
Juraj Sutoris

Juraj has over 16 years of experience in business in various positions. He is a recognized professional in the field of real estate, sales coaching and motivation. At Investown, he is in charge of trade, building and leading a sales team in the Czech Republic and subsequently in EU countries.

VĂ­t Ĺ ubert

Vitek is the co-founder of UP21, one of the most progressive investment funds in Central Europe. He specializes in building the strategy of companies that have great potential to change the market and have a global reach.

Advisory board

Jiří Skopový

Jiri has more than 14 years of experience in managing globally successful projects. He is working on combining the best of Česká spořitelna's background and know-how with innovative technologies.

Real estate
Jiří Frankič

Jiri has more than 12 years of experience in the field of investment banking in Česká spořitelna. He is the chairman of the Board of Directors of the real estate company CPDP2. Now, he is applying his knowledge of real estate in Investown.

BankovnĂ­ integrace
Martin Medek

A technology enthusiast with creative thinking and strong leadership. Director of Open Banking at the largest Czech bank with a focus on the "bank of the future" approach and the integration of new technologies.

Wealth management
Roman Choc

Roman has been involved in wealth management (creating offers for clients in the area of money appreciation) at Česká spořitelna for more than 10 years. He advises us with maximizing the efficiency of client money appreciation.

Legal team

Compliance a regulace
Daniel Melichar

Daniel has over 20 years of regulatory and compliance experience with CNB and client licensing policies. His goal is to set up the most transparent investment system possible for all users.

Jana Kratochvílová

Jana leads the legal team that ensures transparent contractual relations with investors and our partners. She also oversees the correct procedures in accordance with the conditions and regulations of the Czech financial market.

Fintech právo
Jan Ĺ ovar

Honza is an attorney-at-law and one of the leading experts in financial market law and advice for fintech. Through FINREG PARTNERS he helps us with legal issues in the financial sector.