How our projects are analysed

We're serious about security. Before we publish an investment property, it must go through a careful selection and rigorous approval process by numerous risk analysts. As a result, we have a 100% success rate and the trust of more than 95,000 investors.

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Out of hundreds of projects, we select the best ones

We have true professionals with years of experience in the financial and construction sectors working on project approvals. From the hundreds of projects across our desk each month, we only select the safest ones for the application.

What does our risk analysis look like in practice?

Detailed records analysis

We analyze profit and loss statements, business plans, tax returns, ownership certificates, value estimates, or visualizations. We verify all the data through the CRIBIS system, looking at insolvency and foreclosure registers.

Project analysis

We check the price estimate of the whole project and the construction budget. All this is to know that the investors' money will actually be used to build what's in the application. If we find the calculations overestimated, we count on a reduced price.

Financial and legal analysis

We go through all the key financial indicators of the company. In addition, we look into project owners' history, discovering their successes and failures. We also draft and go through all the legal processes associated with the investment and registration of liens.

Final property publication

When the project is deemed suitable, it's time to open it for investors. We are continuing to monitor the progress of the project.

Bank-level security with exclusive returns

We're serious about security. Learn about the two layers of protection we use for our secured property deals.

Lien on real estate

A lien on real estate is a must. The property's value must always be at least 20% higher than the loan's value. Investors are therefore secured if the value of the property falls.

Personal guarantees for managing directors

A personal guarantee acts as a second layer of security when the sale of the property is not enough. We can recover the remaining amount directly from the project owner's assets.

Solid results for our investors despite falling markets

Our €83 million real estate portfolio outperforms assets such as gold, bonds, and publicly traded stocks. So even in the current economic climate, Investown is a stable and resilient choice for your finances.

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