First investment of Seed Starter by Česká spořitelna

Seed Starter České Spořitelny

Investown is the first investment of Seed Starter by Česká spořitelna
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    Seed Starter České Spořitelny
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Investown perfectly resonates with the philosophy of Česká spořitelna and that's why we chose them. We want all young people to know how to manage their money. Investing is a skill for life!

We love the philosophy of Investown. The founders think long-term, they're not just after getting rich quickly. For them, the startup world is not about raising money and spending it as soon as possible. They are building something that's going to work in the long run. We have been on the market for almost 200 years and we're looking for startups with the ambition to be here in another 200 years.

Jiri Skopovy, Seed Starter Program Manager

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