Investown was the Czech Republic's first to obtain a crowdfunding investment license from the Czech National Bank

Until now, crowdfunding platforms could operate in the Czech Republic without a special license, but as of 10 November 2023, this will no longer be possible. Investown has confirmed that it has met the required regulatory standards and was the first in the industry to receive a licence from the Czech National Bank.

The journey to obtain the all-important license took a year, but the effort paid off. Investown successfully passed a rigorous review by the Czech National Bank (CNB), and during the process we had to document, for example, all information about the company's management, project approvals and internal process setup. The license will allow us to provide group financing (credit crowdfunding) services in accordance with current legislation. The licensing decision can be viewed here.

Other crowdfunding companies must meet the same conditions if they wish to continue to publish projects operating on the principle of group investment after 10 November. In any case, Investown was the first to do so and thus has an open door for further growth, even beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. 

The term crowdfunding refers to so-called group financing. When a company or individual needs money to launch a new project, they post their project online and try to raise funds from tens, hundreds, or even thousands of investors from the general public. Investown works on the same principle, with 80,000 investors already making money in loans secured by real estate

Thanks to its license, Investown can operate throughout the EU

Obtaining the license is a significant milestone for us in terms of operating in the Czech Republic and beyond its borders. This license allows us to provide crowdfunding services throughout the European Union. This will provide Investown investors with endless opportunities across Europe to help ensure a dignified old age. We are already working hard to expand into Slovakia, and in the future, we would also like to offer investment projects to investors in Austria

Investing works as quickly as before

The license is a great success for us and a promise for the future, but that does not mean that anything will change for existing or new investors. On the contrary, investing in Investown will continue to be as easy, fast, and from CZK 500.

Also, in the coming weeks and months, investors from all over the country can evaluate their funds in projects (loans secured by real estate) that we carefully select and must meet strict criteria. Did you know that Investown uses 3 ways to protect investors in case a partner (project owner) stops making payments?

Thank you to all investors for your trust so far, and we are happy to continue to help you with the appreciation of your hard-earned money.

Despite the worsening outlook for the leading economies and the forecasts mentioned above, there is likely to be a further rise in interest rates and hence in household and corporate debt.

Bitcoin has lost about 74% in less than a year. Ethereum, the second largest, is in a similar position. This cryptocurrency traded for nearly $4,900 last November, and is currently priced around $1,250.

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