Investown investment platform gains a head start, standard profits climb above 8%

How mass financing works on Investown

Hithit, Donio, Investown. Leading market players are united by a financing model in which a higher number of individuals (investors) contribute a smaller amount of money to reach a certain amount. The smaller volume may not only be in hundreds or thousands, but also hundreds of thousands. In the case of Investown, mass financing thus makes the implementation of real estate projects and reconstructions available to companies and people who would not achieve their interesting vision in the traditional way of financing.

Benefits of crowdfunding for the investor

The most interesting benefit for the investor is undoubtedly the reward, which in the case of Investown is the investment in real estate and the resulting profit on a monthly basis. It is also not negligible that within a few days you know whether there is interest in the project, and in case of non-financing by a sufficient number of other investors, you will get the money back into the Investown wallet, from where you can invest it in other attractive projects – you do not risk that your invested amounts lie for a long time in a place that will eventually turn out to be non-profit.

Investown newly opens up a much wider range of properties

  • Investors can now choose from opportunities from a wide range of architects, developers, small entrepreneurs and companies. Commercial buildings will also be added.
  • Profits start at 8%. The new standard will be an eight percent or more annual appreciation of investments and a greater choice of opportunities thanks to a diverse range of contracting authorities.
  • Marketplace investments between users. If an investor wants to sell an investment, he will now have the opportunity to offer it to tens of thousands of users at once. In the case of a valuable share that is of interest, it is possible to earn on such a transaction.
  • Every month fixed income. Profits will no longer be paid out only at the end of the month. Newly, the profits from each opportunity will be paid out every month from the moment the property is fully financed.
  • Transfer of older properties free of charge. And what about older investments with lower appreciation of around 4%? Investown has prepared a way to enable investors to gradually move their invested funds into more profitable projects and without fees. How will it work? Investown will gradually discontinue individual investments. Current investors do not have to sell their investments for a fee. After each termination of the investment, the Investown team will inform all those who have invested in it that they have freed up money in their wallet and can put it into new opportunities with up to double the appreciation.

Investown thus gains an indelible lead

Unlike other investment platforms, Investown goes beyond the model of participation in loans or leases. Together with Investown, you can earn and change the standard of living in the Czech Republic. For the sake of sustainability, the platform will also focus on renovations and renovations.

Financing real estate projects remains simple. The client applies for a loan, which Investown carefully evaluates. After checking all the documentation and thorough examination, if approved, the project is added to the platform and open to investment. In the case of withdrawal of the target amount, it is then considered realized and investors begin to receive monthly profits.

In extreme cases, it may happen that the amount is not collected at the specified time. The time to invest can be extended and if there is no interest in the opportunity even after the extension, investors will receive their money back so that they can use it to invest in a more desirable opportunity.

Despite the worsening outlook for the leading economies and the forecasts mentioned above, there is likely to be a further rise in interest rates and hence in household and corporate debt.

Bitcoin has lost about 74% in less than a year. Ethereum, the second largest, is in a similar position. This cryptocurrency traded for nearly $4,900 last November, and is currently priced around $1,250.

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