Banking level of collateral

Apartmány Mlýn Herlíkovice – 9th stage

The partner mortgages a completed project in Herlíkovice.

Basic yield
% p.a.
Total amount
mil. CZK
Open for investment
Collateral value
mil. CZK
Open for investment

About the project

It is a set of 16 apartments in a completed development project for which a building permit will be issued. The apartment building was built on the site of a former mill. It is practically a new building built from the ground up. The property was built for the subsequent sale of individual apartments or short-term rental of selected units.

The above-standard features of the house include a reception, a sauna with wellness, and a non-residential unit initially intended as a kitchen with a dining room, which can also be used for services such as massages, restaurants, etc. Each accommodation unit has its own cellar on the 1st underground floor of the house and its designated parking space on the common land in front of the house. The execution and equipment of the property are of above-average quality. For more information about the apartment house, please visit the project's official website.

The partner will use the funds to refinance the mortgage lender and for the initial phases of other aparthotel-type development projects in premium locations in the Czech mountains. The funds will be repaid from the sale of the mortgaged apartments.

Security of payment

The loan in the total amount of CZK 70,000,000 is secured by real estate worth CZK 101,450,000 (LTV 69%). At this stage, we are collecting CZK 3 213 000


  1. Lien on real estate: Group of residential and non-residential units, unit numbers 547/7, 547/8, 547/9, 547/15, 547/25, 547/27, 547/28, 547/38, 547/32, 547/33, 547/34, 547/35, 547/36, 547/31, 547/10, 547/1, 547/11 in building no. p. 547 on the land plot p. no. st. 427, including the co-ownership share in the common parts of the house, including the land plots p. no. st. 427, 2864/1, 2867, 2923, 2924 and accessories, LV 4172, k. ú. Hořejší Vrchlabí in k. ú. Hořejší Vrchlabí. Registered on LV 1184, 4172
  2. Lien on the business share: Apartments Mlýn Herlíkovice s.r.o., ID No.: 09848657
  3. Guarantee: Aequitas Capital Investment a.s., ID No.: 089 06 190
  4. Notarial deed with a clause of direct enforceability.
Project financing

After successful project financing, the partner has 60 months to repay the loan's principal.

The partner will finance the project from the sale of the property.

Information on the partner's options for early repayment of the loan is provided in Part D, bullet point (d) of the Key Investor Information Sheet (KIIS).

Information regarding the risk score of the project can be found in the Risk Scoring Table.


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get paid my profit?

You will be paid the first profit one month after the amount you have collected has been sent to the project partner, and every month thereafter for the duration of the investment, always on the same day.

Is the interest rate fixed?

Yes, the interest rate is fixed, i.e. unchanging. We believe that the stability of the portfolio will bring more certainty to investors.

Is the investment secured by real estate?

Yes, the investment is secured by the property on which the lien is attached. Should any problem arise, the mortgage on the property will be used, the property will be sold and our investors will be paid.

What are the possible risks?

It may happen that your partner stops repaying his/her loan. At this point, we initiate recovery proceedings and demand payment of all debts. In the worst case scenario, the property on which the lien is placed may be sold and we will pay our investors a pro rata share based on how much they have invested.

What happens after I invest?

Your investment contributes to the amount you want. Once the amount is collected and the cooling-off period has elapsed, we sign the pledge agreements and send the amount to the partner, who then implements the project and makes monthly interest payments. Should the required amount not be collected, we return the full amount of your investment back to Investown's wallet.

What happens to the amount collected?

Once the full amount required is collected and the cooling-off period has expired, we sign the pledge agreements and send the amount to the partner, who then implements the project and makes monthly interest payments.

What if I want to end the investment before the full length of the investment has expired?

In case you need to end your investment early, you can offer it to other users on the Marketplace. Any verified user can buy it from you.

What happens after the investment period?

At the end of the investment period, all the money you invested will be returned to your Investown wallet, where you can either withdraw it to your bank account or reinvest it in a new project.