Business development manager

I'm interested
What you're going to do
  • To address potential clients (i.e. loan applicants) within our strategic acquisition channels.
  • Reach out to real estate agents, financial advisors and freelancers as part of our affiliate program.
  • Take care of a predetermined process. To make your work easier, you will know in advance what your responsibility is.
  • Coordinate the contract from addressing, through securing documents, to the conclusion of a fundraising contract.
  • Collaborate with the sales, analytical and marketing team.
  • Work in internal tools such as Slack, Pipedrive or Asana.
How we imagine you
  • you have excellent communication skills,
  • you like to talk on the phone with clients and you don't mind cold calling,
  • you have an excellent ability to deal with people,
  • you have a business spirit,
  • you can react promptly,
  • you don't miss the drive,
  • you have a sense of humor and sociable nature,
  • you like to surpass yourself and desire success,
  • You are self-reliant,
  • You like to win and quickly recover from losing,
  • you have been in business for at least 5 years,
  • you can get on as soon as possible!

Why go with us

  • You will get corporate shares - over the past year we have increased the value of the share by 2,300% to 375 million.
  • You will be involved in building a successful startup with global goals.
  • Within the Sales team, we have set up and defined joint activities (call parties, meetings, feedback, 121 sales coaching, Sales academy) that will allow you to constantly develop.
  • Sales director Juraj Sutoris is carefully dedicated to the development of each salesperson (career plan, vision, education).
  • For traders, we have prepared a very interesting motivational evaluation, it depends on your skill and KPI fulfillment.
  • We expect maximum commitment from you, as well as from all team members, but in return we will allow you unlimited paid time off.
  • You will get a budget for personal development
  • We will give you the space to implement your own ideas.
  • You will not miss fun teambuilding activities and foreign work-relaxation stays that unite our great team.
  • We have beautiful dog friendly offices in Forum Karlín with terrace, relaxation zone and gym.

We are already looking forward to seeing you

Write to Adél or use the form and we will get back to you shortly.
Adéla Čápová
Petra Aglerová
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We give cities back to the people

This is what we at Investown strive for every day. Using good technology, we help people to safely increase the value of their finances and make real estate investing accessible to everyone.

By 2025, we will be the largest real estate investment platform with a user base of at least 1,000,000 investors. We will offer people the opportunity to participate in fixed-income loans and at the same time buy virtual shares in them, thanks to which they will be able to participate in the growth of their value.


Heading for the stars, we want every European to have Investown, who will be able to safely valorise their money and achieve their financial goals faster, helping to slow down the ever-widening economic gap between people.

Our values

Each of us is unique. But we all care about the same thing.

  • 1
    Investors first
  • 2
    Transparency, simplicity, fun
  • 3
    We are open, honest and constructive
  • 4
    We require perfect results
  • 5
    The company belongs to all of us, we behave like owners